Recipes (applications)

1) Best consumed with Fresh, Sterilised or evaporated milk. After mixing, stir well.

2) Also delicious tasting with Soda Water/Water and Ice. After mixing, stir well.

3) During winter, it is also delicious when consumed with Warm Milk. After mixing, stir well.


Other Ways to Consume our Rose Syrup

1) Able to use as an ingredient to make agar-agar or jelly. Simply pour Rose Brand Rose Syrup into the agar-agar powder, stir well while heating and then let it coagulate.

2) Use for making Rose Flavoured ice cream.

3) As a mixer for Margarita or Whisky, to make "Rose Whisky" or "Rose Margarita". Simply add a little of Rose Brand Rose Syrup to Margarita or Whisky, then add a little ice water.

4) As a topping for the famous local dessert,
"Ice Kachang"

A Premium Quality Rose Syrup
worthwhile drinking.