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For more than 100 years and over 3 generations

A Premium Quality Rose Syrup worth drinking.

We have served and benefited so many people in the community with our Premium Product – Rose Brand Syrup; and we hope to be able to serve more people with our delicious drink which is suitable for all occasions.

Our History


Rose Brand/products originated, commonly advertised and sold in the Berita Malay language daily Newspaper. A 100 years product in the making.

Newspaper: Kabar Ucapan Baru
Date: 1 April 1926

Newspaper: Kabar Ucapan Baru Date: 1 April 1926 Reel Number: Not available


T.G. Kiat was first incorporated as a manufacturer (importer and exporter, wholesaler) of a variety of edible products from syrups to food colourings, (baking essence and ingredients).

We are the repacker of food flavouring agent and colouring in Singapore, for British manufacturers and brand owner of Coronet Brand colouring and flavouring.


The company streamlined its operations to focus solely on manufacturing and exporting its famous rose syrup, a product that has made T.G. Kiat a household name internationally.

We also focused on the distribution of Rose Brand Syrups and Coronet brand colouring and flavouring.


T.G. Kiat focused on further developing export markets for Rose Brand Rose Syrup. We discontinued Coronet brands products while focusing on growing the exports of Rose Syrup.


T.G. Kiat. developed a local F&B sector. We introduced the blueberry and mango syrup in 2006 and 2007 (in kitchen size packaging), for distribution into local F&B establishments.

The new flavours join T.G. Kiat’s stable of delicious syrups, including barley and banana syrups that are already favourites of all those who have tried them.


Shanghai Food & Beverages Exhibition

“We believe in concentrating on our strengths, both in syrup manufacturing, and working with partners to bring our products to consumers. While our syrups have become household names in many of the countries, we want to continue serving our delicious syrups to more and more people around the world.”

Gary ChuaDirector of T.G. Kiat.

Food Safety Policies & Certifications

Tasty Singapore

MUIS Halal Cert Rose Brand Syrup

MUI Halal
Rose Brand Syrup

ISO Cert 22000