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One syrup, so many ways to enjoy!

Rose Brand Rose Syrup is more than just a beverage.

Though unique in its strong rose scent, this syrup is still versatile enough to be used in a varied number of ways. Add a dash to your tea for instant relaxation, or to soda for an exciting, new taste. Try some of these suggested methods of using Rose Brand Rose Syrup in your desserts and drinks. Better yet, why not invent some of your own?

Rose Milk

  • 30ml Rose Brand Rose Syrup
  • 180ml Fresh milk
  • Ice

Stir til la pinkish colour emerges. Serve chilled.

Rose Drink

  • 30ml Rose Brand Rose Syrup
  • 180ml Water
  • Ice

Stir and serve chilled.

Rose Agar-Agar (jelly)

  • 400ml Rose Brand Rose Syrup
  • 1 packet of agar-agar powder
  • Water

Stir over heat and proceed to set in refrigerator. Serve chilled.


  • 30ml Rose Brand Rose Syrup
  • 160ml Water
  • 20ml Evaporated Milk

Mix well and serve chilled.


@keknanjudge Nikmati kesegaran minuman legendaris warisan Rose Brand Rose Syrup, sejak 1935 di Singapura. Kini hadir di Malaysia! Sahur atau Iftar bersama Rose Brand Rose Syrup yang menyegarkan semasa Ramadan. Kalau korang berminat nak dapatkan sirap ni, korang boleh dapatkan di 15 cawangan Jaya Grocer tertentu. Jom cuba sekarang 🤩 #rosebrand #rosebrandsyrup #realrosetaste #ramadhan #hariraya ♬ original sound - KEKNAN JUDGE

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